Conference: Norms and moral psychology

About the conference

This interdisciplinary conference was the second of three conferences associated with the AHRC Culture and the Mind project. The conference briought together a range of leading scholars working on cross cultural aspects of the representation and acquisition of norms and moral principles, and their role in the lives of communities around the world.

The conference explored what light an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective can shed on such topics as the nature of norms, the character of moral emotions, the role of sentiment in moral judgment, the role of reason in moral judgment, and the origin of morals.

The conference took place at the Humanities Research Institute: 34 Gell Street, Sheffield S3 7QW, at the University of Sheffield.


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Renée Baillargeon (Psychology, University of Illinois Champagne-Urbana)
Early moral reasoning about interactions between ingroup and outgroup agents

Will Bennis (Psychology, Northwestern University)
Sacred values in the service of good consequences

Fiery Cushman (Psychology, Harvard University)
Two functions of morality

Urs Fischbacher (Economics, University of Konstanz)
Lies in disguise - an experimental study on cheating

Joshua Greene (Psychology, Harvard University)
Of trolleys and cheaters: Automatic and controlled processes in moral judgement

Corey Maley and Gilbert Harman (Philosophy, Princeton University)
Guilt and shame in philosophy and psychology

John Mikhail (Law and Philosophy, Georgetown University)
Moral grammar: The mind's hidden rules of moral judgment

Sonya Sachdeva (Psychology, Northwestern University)
The norm of self-sacrifice

Liane Young (Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT)
The role of intent across distinct moral domains


This conference was jointly sponsored by the UK Arts & Humanties Research Council, the Hang Seng Centre for Cognitive Studies (directed by Stephen Laurence), and the Rutgers University Research Group on Evolution and Higher Cognition (directed by Professor Stephen Stich).


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Culture and the Mind Conference
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